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Public RequestJuly 19, 2024

Along with providing excellent emergency medical services, Deer Grove EMS also has a strong focus on good public relation efforts. If you would like Deer Grove EMS to participate in your upcoming event please complete the form below (or download a printable form here). Please note that if a dedicated ambulance is requested, there may be a cost involved. If you do not request a dedicated ambulance, Deer Grove EMS staff may need to leave your event if they are called to a medical emergency.

Please submit your request at least 30 days prior to your event

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Type of event:
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Please describe the event, the location, and what you would like DGEMS staff to do at event:
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Your phone number and email address are required for this form to be submitted. Please check the box to acknowledge that we can use your phone number or email address to contact you regarding the above request. Your contact information will not be used for any other purpose by DGEMS.